We're doing our best to provide the best user experience for designers and users with our graphical editor.
Any problem you can see in the web editor is our responsibility and we will fix it :-)
But if you have problem with your design on the device, it is probably due to a bug in the Fitbit OS and unfortunately we will not be able to fix it easily.

Gradients Issues

The gradients with rotation are not displayed on device.
No solution
The lastest Fitbit OS broke the gradients with rotation.
Don't use gradients with rotation until the problem is fixed by Fitbit.

Mask Issues

Circles in mask don't work as expected, they have no effect.
No solution
The lastest Fitbit OS broke the circles in masks.
Don't use circles in masks until the problem is fixed by Fitbit.

Custom fonts Issues

When I use a lot of text elements with custom font, the design is not loaded on the watch.
The custom fonts are not natively supported by Fitbit OS.
We have implemented our own solution and it is working very well.
But it consumes memory and you can't have too much elements or your watch will not be able to load everything.
Try to reduce the number of elements using the custom fonts and replace static texts with images if possible.

Image Issues

When I rotate an image, it is cropped on the right side or I see strange artefacts.
There are known problems when you rotate big images on the device.
Don't rotate images larger than 200x200 pixels.

If you have other problems, contact us and we will do our best to find a solution.