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What is FitFace?
What are the supported Fitbit devices by FitFace?
What permissions are needed by the FitFace clockface?
How can I check authorized permissions for the FitFace clockface?
I don't know how to open the clokcface settings?

Unlocking issue

I see a code on my watch, please help

Buying issue

How can I buy designs from the FitFace gallery?
I bought a design in FitFace but I can't find it in the Fitbit gallery
I bought a clockface published in the Fitbit gallery, is it also available in the FitFace clockface?
Are my purchases lost if I uninstall the FitFace app?
I bought a design but I see the lock screen when I resinstall it from the Fitbit gallery
Can I have a refund if a design is not working as expected?

Design problems

I have a problem with a specific design, who can I contact?
I want to make my own design, how hard is it?


How to enable weather updates correctly?
How often is the weather updated?
The weather displayed on the clockface is different from the Fitbit weather app, why?

Account issue

I forgot my FitFace password
How do I change 12h/24h format?
How do I change displayed unit (Mile/Km ...) ?


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